Our company has been dealing with the design and support of enterprise document management solutions since 1999.

Our company develops software for the largest pharmaceutical companies in Hungary.

Specification, planning, development, adoption, and support of enterprise softwares.

Machine data collection
Predictive maintenance
Real time locating systems

Welcome to IDYA Hungary Ltd.


Our company has been working as a Hungarian-owned business since 1999. We are dealing with software development and related services. Our goal is to develop software of high standard and quality, which adjust to customer requirements, and are robust and scalable.

Our customers are being served by qualified consultants, software engineers, test engineers, and documentation specialists. 

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Enterprise Document Management

Our company has been dealing with the design and support of enterprise document management solutions since 1999. We provide our services with thorough professional knowledge and many years of experience behind us, concerning both the introduction of enterprise "boxed" products, and the implementation of custom solutions. Our services range from planning through introduction, customization, and integration, to support.

Our colleagues are happy to give advice regarding concept design, specification, and planning based on the experience from numerous enterprise introduction projects.

We are one of the few companies in Hungary that possess serious technical expertise concerning the OpenText/EMC Document and the IBM FileNet product line.

The "boxed" enterprise document management products that are more widespread typically have very high licensing costs. As an alternative with significantly lower costs, we recommend out robust, customizable solutions that are based on IDMS, the modular document management system developed by our company.


Pharmaceutical Software

Our company develops software for the largest pharmaceutical companies in Hungary. We have implemented the software support of areas including the following:

  • Logistical support of clinical trials, labeling
  • Validated electronic and paper document archive
  • Validated document editing, review, and approval system
  • Handling of production documentations and their issuance for production
  • Planning and controlled printing of production (collection, phase) labels
  • Handling, issuance, withdrawal of standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Handling of SmPCs and their modification processes
  • Educational registry system
  • Pharmaceutical document management system
  • Registration system
  • Production management and calibration system

Please contact us with any demand for software concerning either one of the fields listed above, or another one in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our software meet the set of requirements for pharmaceutical validatability, and comply with the industry legislation and standards (e.g. GxP, CFR 21 Part 11). We can provide the documentation required for validation, and we can also provide assistance in the validation procedure.


Custom Software Development

We have over 20 years of experience in the field of the specification, planning, development, adoption, and support of enterprise software. We treat robust design, scalability, and the efficient service of a large amount of data and a large number of users as primary considerations.

Technologically, we have strong competencies mainly in the field of Java, as well as JavaScript and Android.

Integration with the enterprise IT infrastructure and systems is almost always a requirement in enterprise environments. We develop our systems keeping the possibility of integration in view to begin with, and integrate them with the IT environment of the Client as needed.

We have received positive feedback from our clients regarding the high quality of our software on several occasions. We owe this to our quality-oriented software development methodology, from which we would like to emphasize the following:

  • In order to mitigate risks, we develop the user specification of the future system in co-operation with the users and based on our experiences in system organization as the first step. We consider this to be the most important phase of software development, which is also shown by the fact that this phase is sometimes longer than the implementation phase.
  • Similarly to other fields of engineering, we do not begin with the "construction" (programming) of our software until the full technical plan (system plan) has been prepared. Thus on the one hand, systems that are thought out technically are created, and on the other hand, testing has a clear baseline.
  • We put a lot of effort into the testing of our systems. Particular colleagues are responsible for testing, and nothing developed is released until the tester has made fully certain of its compliance. As a result of this, the number of errors occurring subsequently in our delivered systems is exceptionally low.

We are happy to be at your service with our professional knowledge and experience to perform any custom software development task.



Indusrty 4.0

The term „Industry 4.0” refers to the fourth industrial revolution kickstarted by the growing interest in implementing modern information technology in the industry, for example networked sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, 3D printing, geolocation, artificial intelligence (AI), etc. Through the usage of these technologies significant growth can be achieved in, efficiency as well as flexible, customized production.

Our company offers IT solutions in the following two fields:

  • Production Monitoring, machine data collection
  • Predictive maintenance

Using machine data collection and related technologies we develop production monitoring systems which provide comprehensive analytical data about the workings and productivity of the plant in question. With these facts at hand, success in the pursuit of productivity is easier to achieve, in a demonstrable way. We take extra care in the design of these systems so that their introduction and operation requires a minimal amount of human resources.

Predictive maintenance is applied to machines which contain rotating components whose data can be processed in real time. Using this technology, expected failures can be predicted long before their actual occurrence, which can eliminate outages and losses caused by these malfuncions. Yearly maintenance costs can also be lowered as event-driven maintenance strategies can be used instead of systematic ones.


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