A system supporting the editing, review, and the electronic signing process of documents.

IDMS is a robust, modular document management product line.

ELABEL is a software product supporting the logistics of clinical trials.





The Document Approval System (hereinafter: DJR) is an enterprise IT system that makes the approval, review, or even editing of documents, as well as their electronic signing in the central trust system available to users in a simple and user-friendly way.

DJR is a central service that takes the place of conventional (pen+paper), email or other “manually controlled” document approval, circulation and signing processes.

However, DJR is capable of more than just handling manually initiated signing processes. Owing to its interface designed for communication with other systems, it is able to integrate with existing processes and the systems implementing them.

Using DJR, signatories and reviewers can manage their signing and review tasks through a simple and clean web interface. The system archives the documents signed, and enables their retrieval for signatories and users with the appropriate privileges.





IDMS is a robust, modular document management product line. It includes the following modules:

  • Document Storage module: It enables the structured storage of documents. Its functionality in brief: version control, the same document in multiple formats (e.g. Word + PDF), multi-volume documents, check-out / check-in, MS Office integration, customizable attributes, folder system, support for large files (even videos).
  • Document Approval module: It supports the process of document editing – review – approval / signing. Arbitrary workflows can be developed (even with multiple editors / reviewers / approvers).
  • Document Distribution module: Certain industry quality standards specify that specific types of documents (e.g. SOPs, operational instructions) should be provided to company employees in a controlled fashion. This module supports the controlled distribution and withdrawal of documents (and their versions) using the software management of distribution lists.

IDMS can be installed as a standalone system, or they can be used as a starting point for a solution adapted to specific needs as well.

The licensing costs of the IDMS system is substantially more favorable compared to the licensing costs of widespread enterprise document management systems (e.g. Documentum, FileNet).



ELABEL is a software product supporting the logistics of clinical trials. It supports the storage, complex packaging process, randomization, and labeling of test samples. It includes a built-in label editor that meets all needs. It enables the graphical planning of clinical trials.

The software meets the requirements for pharmaceutical validatability. The product includes the validation documentation in Hungarian and in English; in addition, we can provide support for the performance of the validation procedure if needed.

If you are interested in the ELABEL software, we are happy to show you the detailed operation of the software in a presentation.

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